A Shiny Object

Reimagining Journalism Through Artificial Intelligence

A Shiny Object Inc. is a technology startup building the newspaper of the future. Our suite of tools under the Graf.ai brand integrate Machine Learning into every step of the publication process, from news gathering to copy editing, headlining to analytics, and accountability to employee rewards.


  • Crawlers with built-in reliability analysis
  • Recommendations based on audience preferences
  • AI based fake detection


  • Style, Grammar and Plagiarism Checks
  • Articles Repurposed For Different Platforms
  • Auto Generation Of Podcasts And Videos


  • Right marketing channel based on content
  • 10% increase in reach
  • Feedback loop from marketing to sourcing

We are Launching this Fall


For product inquiries, contact product@ashinyobject.com


Check out Silverscreen India, A Shiny Object's sandbox.